What We Do

The SRL offers a variety of services, specializing in designing and conducting telephone, web, and mail surveys. We offer survey implementation and data collection, consultation on project planning and design, survey and questionnaire development, human subjects application processing, data entry, data coding, qualitative and quantitative data analysis, report writing, and presentations. We also conduct focus groups and trainings. We prioritize working collaboratively with clients to meet their needs within the resources they have available to support quality, professional survey research. Click here to find out more . . .

News Items

Oct 2012 - Industry-funded study tracks fishing in polluted Portland Harbor

June 2012 - Part 2 of the Oregonian's Special Report "Locked Out: The Failure of Portland-Area Fair Housing". The SRL Home Forward survey is mentioned.

Current Projects

DEQ Permit Water/Sewer Survey

Metro Household Hazardous Waste Survey

ODOT Studded Tires Survey

Solar Panel Installer Survey